View Full Version : Equium M70: Keyboard does not work

09.07.2006, 08:45
I have a problem with my keyboard. The letters M,J,U,7 don't work. I have had intermittent problems up to this morning which were easily resolved by rebooting: now there is nothing NADA.

This has come at a really bad time - I have a huge presentation to make in Scotland tomorrow and my laptop is disfunctional.

Any ideas anyone? It is under warranty but time is of the essence - I am sure that PCWorld will tell me if I take it in that I can have it back in time for the Olympics!

10.07.2006, 00:21
Hi Chris,

Given the physical placement of the failing keys on your keyboard it seems likely that there is a hardware problem which will involve some dismantling to fix. This will, of course, invalidate your warranty if you try to repair this yourself.

You could try to reseat the ribbon connector for your keyboard to see if this restores it to full functionality.


11.07.2006, 16:22

I have read that sometimes a loose keyboard cable could be responsible for not properly keyboard working.
Well, you can try to check it or you will contact the service guys for checking the notebook functionality.
But if you have no experience you shouldn't try to solve it yourself