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08.07.2006, 18:04

I was recently laying on my bed watching a DVD when I fell asleep with the laptop sat next me on my bed. During the night however I moved and accidently knocked it off the side of my bed.
The next day when I booted it up on loading it said IDE#1 Error which I have since come to understand is a CD/DVD drive error, The unit itself works fine, boots up ok (except the IDE error), and I can use it as normal except that there is no DVD drive in 'My computer' which is a bit of a pain when I want to watch a film/play a game or install something.

The drive itself is totally unresponsive, when I press the eject button the tray it doesn't do a thing.
I decided to try and remove and re-seat the drive to see if it was just knocked loose when it fell off the bed as it only fell a short way (about an 18" drop.)

I removed all the covers on the bottom of the laptop and checked that everything was seated correctly and to try and figure out how to remove the drive but didn't want to get too adventurous as to make the situation worse, the only thing i did do is remove the CPU fan and remove some fluff and remove the HDD and had a look to make sure it wasn't damaged in anywhere (it wasn't) and then replaced it and replaced all the covers.

When I rebooted the system it booted up fine as usual and the drive responds when I press the eject button, but the DVD drive is now (sometimes) displayed in 'My computer' but only when I insert something (be it a DVD/Game/Program) and then it displays an error message stating there is an I/O error on the device.

Any help from you all would be a great help, I was thinking of just removing the drive and replacing it with a new one such as a DVD RW one but I don't know how so I would be very grateful for any advice/guidance you could provide.

Many Thanks,

10.07.2006, 00:43
Hi Michael,

It is possible that reseating your optical drive may be necessary to return it to full functionality. Unfortunately on the A10 this will involve some dismantling in order to reach its securing screw which is underneath the keyboard.

Please check the following link for full dismantling instructions. The DVD drive is covered in step 13. http://www.irisvista.com/tech/laptops/ToshibaA15/SatelliteA15_laptop_disassembly_1.htm