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06.07.2006, 13:09
Hi All,

I suspect I already know the answer to this question but...

Is there any way to increase the maximum screen resolution on my Sat Pro a40? I guess that ultimately the resolution is determined by the physical capabilities of the screen itself and the output capabilities of the graphics chip. I suspect the chip is capable of more than 1024x768 (its the Intel Extreme chipset)which is the current maximum setting in Control Panel>Display, so I'm wondering if there is any way of acquiring a new higher resolution screen and if this would even work?

Many thanks and excuse the questions if they seem a little blond...

11.07.2006, 08:38
Hi Graeme

Unfortunately, there is no other way to increases to display resolution.
As you said in the post above, the screen resolution depends on the display properties, the graphic card and the graphic card drivers.