View Full Version : Satellite Pro A40 Bootscreen "missing"

06.07.2006, 10:45
I have a Satellite A40 (I've upgraded the RAM and Hard Drive to give it a bit more oomph), which I have recently installed XP Pro onto. When I boot up, there is no sign of the Toshiba bootscreen or the "Windows XP Loading" screen, but it will boot up to the Windows logon screen.

This isn't in itself a huge problem as I can still use the system normally, but I would like to be able to access the BIOS settings.

Is there a quick fix to this or is there something more sinister going on?

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated

06.07.2006, 14:05

To enter into the BIOS please use the ESC and F1 buttons immediately after starting the notebook.
Additional try to connect the external display. Check if you can see something on the external screen.
It's also possible that you have accidentally used the key combination FN F5 and have changed to the different display output.

06.07.2006, 16:22

I have my laptop plugged into a KVM switch at work for various development applications. It appears that while neither the KVM nor the laptop graphics options were selected to extended desktop functionality, the second monitor was still detected during boot time and automatically designated as the primary display, hence the non-appearance of Toshiba logo or Windows loading screens on the laptop.

It seems an odd configuration but I guess it makes sense as a lot of people use their laptops in the role of the desktop CPU and use external keyboard, mouse and monitor on their desk.

Thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction.

06.07.2006, 16:26
Thanks for the feedback and glad I could help.
What about reward points? ;)