View Full Version : Tecra 8000 screen goes green

05.07.2006, 21:04
I've got a Tecra 8000 running Win2000 with the latest drivers/bios, etc. It runs fine and everything, but has this peculiar problem. When first booting up, the display comes out fine, but then gets a green tint to everything. I can fix this by going into hibernate (or suspend) and turning the machine back on (out of hibernation).

Likewise, if I run an app that changes res and goes to full screen (ie: MAME) the screen will go back to a green tint again, and won't go back to normal unless I hibernate->turn back on. Any ideas?

10.07.2006, 16:26

Did you try to connect the external monitor?
If not try to connect the external monitor and check if this issue also happens on the second monitor.
If not so I assume there is only something wrong with the display on the notebook but if this issue appears also on the external monitor so there could be a graphic card malfunction or also something wrong on the motherboard.
Unfortunately I don't think that you can solve without any professional help.
You should contact the Toshiba service partner in your country.
Explain him the situation.