View Full Version : Tecra 9100: Where I can get the motherboard?

05.07.2006, 09:37
hello everyone

i need the motherboard part number of tecra 9100 (PT910E-00DYG-S3)

can anyone help me where i can get this motherboard

05.07.2006, 09:53

Usually if you want buy some parts or devices for your notebook but you don?t know the right parts so you can contact the Toshiba service partner in your country.
There you can order everything for your notebook.

On this page you will find the ASP in your region:

05.07.2006, 18:25
Have you try this link? http://www.sparepartswarehouse.com/partcategory-vendor-modelline.aspx?devicetype=0&partcat=140747&modelline=51279

06.07.2006, 11:24

i tried the sparepartswarehouse and contacted toshiba but both of them are proving to be costly. I just need the part number of the motherboard for my laptop so that i can google it. thanx

06.07.2006, 12:04

There are no much possibilities.
On the suggested website from Jaybe you will find the motherboards with the part number.
But you know, the motherboard is a most expensive notebook part.
Therefore I don't think that you will find many offers with a big price difference.

11.07.2006, 18:43
Wow! Looking at the site given by Jaybe, some of the prices for the earliest Tecra models are unreal!

If your budget doesn't stretch to a new motherboard, I would suggest you look out for a working 9100 with a broken screen. Provided you can get it at a bargain price then at least you stand a good chance of making one good machine out of two broken ones.

I had a Tecra 9100 repaired recently by an authorised Toshiba repair company. I hadn't appreciated that along with the motherboard there are at least two further boards, plus sepatate WiFi and Bluetooth daughter boards.