View Full Version : Portege 7200 boot issue - stops running and light flashes

03.07.2006, 19:46
I have a portege 7200 with the docker 2 dvd dock, no problems until this weekend, when it stopped booting.

its plugged into the mains, and it boots up past the windows 98 screen the first time, runs my virus checker then the screen goes black, the computer stops running and the on light flashes.

ive tried booting from a CD, using the battery, reinstalling windows, everything i can think of

thanks for all your help.

06.07.2006, 10:07

Did you try to run the notebook without the docking station?
If not so try it.
Furthermore try to remove the battery for a while. Then try to boot up the unit only with the AC adaptor.

But generally if the LED flashes so it means that there is a hardware malfunction.
The flash code can be read only by the authorized service partner. The guys are able to find the hardware malfunction.
Well, in this case if the procedures described above don?t help I would recommend contacting the Toshiba service partner in your country.

Good luck