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computer dumb
03.07.2006, 18:39
In bad englisch sorry.
The power suply of my tecra 8000 isn't working it's not the wire but the reciever? in the notebook. I have a new notebook but there are some files inside the tecra and because I don't have power I can't reach it. Does anyone nows a solution that doesn't cost me a lot of money?
greetings H

04.07.2006, 09:44

I'm not sure what you mean by "receiver" on the AC adaptor but if the AC adaptor is dead you will need a new one.
The Tecra 8000 uses this AC adaptor: PA2450U - 15V, 3A, 45W
If you want you can try to google for the part number and I'm sure you will find some good offers.
You can also order this part form the Toshiba service partner in your country.
This is an easiest way to buy a supported and compatible part.

04.07.2006, 16:17

I presume by 'Receiver' you are referring to the AC socket on the back of your notebook. If this is broken or damaged there is no easy way for you to repair it yourself.

If you want to access to contents of your hard drive then I would suggest that you remove the drive from your old notebook and install it in an external caddy which you can then attach to your new notebook with a USB cable.


11.07.2006, 18:56
If a new charger doesn't fix this problem, another solution would be to use a Tecra 520 docking station if you can find one cheaply. This also supports the Tecra 8000 (but not Tecra 8100, 8200). This will power the laptop via connections on the underside of the unit and so avoid the broken DC socket.

Of course you wouldn't be able to use the laptop as a portable, but it would at least provide a solution to enable you to retrieve valuable data.

Another thought: If the data is important to you, you could remove the hard drive and insert it in to the caddy of another (working) Tecra 8000 laptop.

12.07.2006, 18:24
Hiya H ! u have gone all quiet. Have u got ur problem sorted yet? i just have a thought that mayb there is nothing wrong with ur main cable. it could be just the lithium (internal) silver battery needs replacing. i often find that if u leave an old laptop unused for a v long time the laptop goes dead. a lithium battery is not expensive. after replacing it, it comes back to life again ...

let us know how it goes ...