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01.12.2004, 21:48

I need some help…. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4270XDVD Notebook. I want to increase my memory as I have only the 64 megs that come with it. When I open the back of the computer to check the memory slots there are 2 empty ones. There is a Slot A and B. The problem is Slot A is broken. The 2 clips that hold the memory in are missing. Someone broke them off. Memory Slot B looks okay and I can put a stick of memory in it. The problem is my manual says not to use slot B if slot A is empty. Do you know why this is? Also is there any way of fixing the clips in Slot A without replacing the whole motherboard.

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02.12.2004, 21:47

I search in the internet about a solution, but I had found nothing, so I think it is better to call a Service Partner from Toshiba.

Bye Theo

Stephany the wanderer
03.12.2004, 15:16
Hi webmonkey ,

That sounds not so good to me !

It is correct what the manual says. The point is that Slot A is first checked by the board, is Memory staffed in.
If not he wont check slot B !

About the defective slot, i fear that there is not chance for you to exchange just this slot separate.
Just changing the Mainboard would help.


Mannerhagen Tom
27.12.2004, 12:43
Hi Webmonkey

I think You can use slot B without any problem. If You have the memory expansion already then just try to insert it and check it out.
Normally on Toshiba notebooks there is no difference in priority between the memory slots.
Please note: I can not guarantee this for all models - but I say this from experience on some of them.



29.12.2004, 18:17

Tom is right, you should try and test!

Happy new year!