View Full Version : Sat Pro A100: XP says 192MB of RAM, Tosh utility says 256MB

02.07.2006, 16:39
My recent purchase of an A100 was supposed to be with 256MB of RAM - but XP does not see it. It only sees 192MB. The Toshiba utility says there is 256MB. How do I get them to agree?

02.07.2006, 18:31

the difference of 64MB is used from your graphics card.
The Toshiba utility shows you the real memory size.
XP shows you the memory which can be used from it.


03.07.2006, 13:52

Some of the Satellite Pro A100 units were delivered with shared memory ATI RADEON Xpress 200M graphic card.
This graphic card uses a part of the main memory.
As Michael has suggested the Toshiba utility shows the full memory value and XP shows only the difference.
As far as I know you can change the value in the graphic card properties.