View Full Version : P100-188 no wireless connection on battery power

01.07.2006, 22:27
My new laptop works perfectly, apart from when I'm running it on battery and I try to connect to the internet. I have a wireless connection, which works perfectly otherwise. When running on battery it still says connection excellent, but just won't make the connection. I tried calling the support line and they suggested resetting power options to never turn off for everything, and when that didn't work they told me to take it back to the seller to be checked as the battery may not be supplying enough power. Any suggestions for anything else it could be before I do that?

04.07.2006, 13:52

Firstly you should check the WLan card properties.
There you can choose the "Advanced" tab.
I think there you should find some options to configure the WLan cards. Check if there is a power save option or something like that.
You can disable it.
Furthermore you should check the WLan drivers update. I don't know the WLan card which is installed on your unit but you can check it in the device manger and then check the Toshiba driver page for the new WLan drivers.

Hope that can help a little