View Full Version : No sound on Satellite P100 with Linux

01.07.2006, 21:33
Is here anybody who heard sound from intel-hda soundcard under Linux? I'm using newest vanilla kernel, newet alsa-drivers. Distro - Gentoo.

Thanks for reply in advance

06.07.2006, 16:07

I don't know you exactly notebook name but as far as I know the Satellite P100-306 supports a sound Codec Chip Conexant CX20551-22.
It's compatible with Intel high definition audio specification revision 1.0.
I would recommend searching for the driver which supports the properties

13.07.2006, 09:29
I heard it helps if you turn ACPI off (i grub you add acpi=off). There seems to be problem with ACPI? Which model of P100 do you have? I also dont have sound (suse 10.1), but i have another problem. The vents dont work. The problem is with vent on left side where graphics card is. Since it newer turns on i have 85C there. This prevents me from using Linux. Does your vents under Gentoo work???

14.08.2006, 11:02
No it doesn't work. I'm going to test other distros.