View Full Version : Equium A80-132: Configfree says wireless switch is off when it's on

30.06.2006, 15:59
I have had my A80-132 for 14 months and it has not given me a scrap of trouble. I haven't had need of help before so this is my first time on the forum and it looks very useful. Congrats to all.

Does anyone know how I can get ConfigFree to recognise that my wireless card is switched on? Despite the fact that my wireless set up is working perfectly, ConfigFree reports that it is not and that the wireless card switch is in the off position. Whilst not essential I find ConfigFree a useful piece of software (when it is working) and would like to get to the bottom of this.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

04.07.2006, 15:27

Did you check the Toshiba driver page?

There you will find a ConfigFree version 5.00.45. The latest release was from 22/02/05
Please check if you use maybe an older version.

I have found also this posting. Please take a look:

07.07.2006, 01:13
I have an Equium M70-339 and have been wrestling with a similar problem. The manual is a bit brief on wi-fi. I eventually discovered there are TWO switches you need to activate the wireless facility. One is the slide switch on the front of the machine, the other is to hold down the FN key and press F8 which switches on wi-fi. Hope that helps.

If anyone can help me with another related problem I would appreciate it. I sometimes find a connection is made and then at other times the system can't acquire the network address. I can get my PCMCIA Netgear card from my old laptop to work every time but cannot find an easy way to configure my Tosh to reliably communicate with my router. I get it working then switch off but when I switch on again it's back to fiddling with IP addresses and gateways. The automatic config. never seems to work.

This is being sent via my netgear card. I guess the problem comes with two different brands of card.