View Full Version : Error when MP3s read in Qosmio Player?

28.06.2006, 15:46
Tried to play an mp3 DVD in Qosmio Player and I got an "invalid disc" error. Works fine in Media Player. Am I correct in thinking that for music Qosmio Player only plays CDs?

28.06.2006, 15:49

You are right. The Qosmioplayer can not read mp3 format, just music CDs. Maybe some newer version of Qosmioplayer will be able to read mp3s.

28.06.2006, 17:54

Qosmio player cannot read MP3.
I have found this information in user manual. As far as I know there is already a second version of Qosmio player.
Maybe the next version will be able to play the MP3. I hope so

29.06.2006, 08:53
Thanks - where can I find the Qosmio player user manual? No reference to it in my F30 user manual.

29.06.2006, 09:03

You are right about Qosmioplayer user manual. You can not find it in notebook user manuals. The fact is that Qosmioplayer is very simple application and also very simple to use. Everything you want you can find if you press F1 (Guide) button.

29.06.2006, 22:51
Jeffrey above says "have found this information in user manual" not pressing F1 key. Which user manual is he referring to?

have found this information in user manual

30.06.2006, 14:09

I have checked the Qosmio user manual and it says Qosmio player is a quick play feature that enables users to perform TV, DVD and CD playback?.
The user manual says nothing about MP3 compatibility. Maybe Jeffey means this text string. However, there is only a one user manual which is also preinstalled on the Qosmio units and the information is right.

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