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28.06.2006, 12:50
Hi Folks

Just bought a Tecra 540cdt second hand and the keyboard is a bit strange - The A key doesn't work and some of the keys seem to do odd things -SHIFT prints a question mark and the END key operates caps lock etc. I am not sure if this is a knakckered keyboard or whether same strange keyboard setup has been done. If it is a knackered keyboard will installing a replacment solve the problem???

Also, is it possible to replace the CD drive with a DVD ROM drive. From the looks of it all of the DVD drives I have come across seem to be model specific.



28.06.2006, 16:26

Maybe your OS has wrong country keyboard settings.
Check it in the control panel settings. But for me it sounds more like a keyboard or keyboard controller malfunction.
Maybe also looses keyboard cable.
I'm not sure if only a new keyboard will solve the problem. I think the detailed diagnostic test is needed.
If you want to upgrade your notebook with the DVD drive so you have to check firstly if it's supported and compatible. If you install not compatible drive so you will get a IDE error and the BIOS will not recognize the drive.

28.06.2006, 16:44
Unfortunately I dont think the keyboard settings in the OS are the problem. I used a win 98 boot disk to try and install that and I had exactly the same problem in DOS!

Are there any software diagnostic tools to try and check the keyboard controller???


28.06.2006, 16:53

I don't think that you will find any diagnostic tool in the net. Only the Toshiba service partner have a access to such especially tools.
I'm afraid you have to contact the service guys.

Ps: try to connect the external keyboard. Check if the problem occurs also with the external keyboard.

28.06.2006, 17:04
Good call!!!! - I presume the same keyboard controller controls both the inbuilt keyboard and the PS/2 port, so if it is the controller, then both the internal and external keyboards should have the same problem!!!!


28.06.2006, 17:41
:) exact.
Check it and possibly we would know more what the problem could be

29.06.2006, 12:54
hiya! have u solved ur keyboard problem yet? if not, my experience might help: i once lent my laptop to my neighbour's daughter n the keyboard went horribly wrong. i later found out that she might have been having her meals and snacks and drinks all over it (even though she vehemently denied it :-) i took the keyboard apart n saw the evidence in it. if it's the same problem u might have to carefully take the keys out and clean the inside. Worst comes to the worst just replace the keyboard (pick out the strip first). Hope this helps.