View Full Version : Satellite Pro L10 upgrade of CPU?

27.06.2006, 21:34
i have a sat pro L10 with a celeron m 370 1.5 ghz 400 fsb 1mb cache fitted. i want to upgrade to a p4. can anybody tell me the max p4 it will take? also can i upgrade the dvd-cd rw to a dvd rw by just replacing the drive? if so what is the part number for the drive? many thanks.

28.06.2006, 18:22

As far as I know the notebook was delivered with different CPUs.
Pentium-M Centrino Processor 725 1.6GHz
Pentium-M Centrino Processor 735 1.7GHz
Intel-Celeron-M (Dothan), 1.4GHz,
Intel-Celeron-M (Dothan), 1.5GHz,
Intel-Celeron-M (Dothan), 1.6GHz

I would recommend to asking the Toshiba service partner guys for a compatible CPU.
But I'm not sure if it's possible to remove the old CPU. Possible it is fixed on the motherboard and you cannot remove it.