View Full Version : Satellite Pro 6000 problem with turning on

27.06.2006, 20:19
From few weeks I have a problem with starting my notebook. With battery or not the situation seems to be the same. Even when I remove battery and plug in DC. Then the DC-diode lights green, but pushing the button isn't turning on the notebook.

Sometimes after few attempts notebook turns on, but after few second or minut suddenly dies. Then no-diode are lighting, or DC-diod is orange-flashing.
Is the service unavoidable?

Thx for answer.

27.06.2006, 20:39

I'm afraid yes.
If the DC is plugged in and the led flashes orange so I assume there is something wrong with the hardware.
Possibly a motherboard malfunction.
The Toshiba service partner should check the notebook. The guys can read the blinking code and I'm sure that they will solve this problem.

29.06.2006, 00:03
Today I bought a new battery. After charging there are no-problem any longer. The most surprising is the fact, that now even without battery the computer is turnning on! I don't know how is it possible. Maybe the internal RTS battery is charged from main battery. My main battery was damaged, that's why the laptop even on DC couldn't work correctly. But it's just a thoery.
Anyway exchanging the battery solved the problem.

thx for help

29.06.2006, 18:39
Thanks for your finally information.

PS: Just for info. The RTC battery will charge if the main battery was fully charged.
The notebook should be stay connected to the DC for about 8h to charge the RTC battery