View Full Version : Satellite Pro L10 starts on self if close the lid

26.06.2006, 22:10
I have an L10 running windows xp profesional. The problem i am having is after the laptop is shut down and i go to close the top the laptop restarts.

27.06.2006, 14:01

Are your sure that you don't use the "restart" option of your notebook?
The Windows OS contains shut down and restart option.

The other possibility is that the power saver settings are set to start the notebook.
Please open the power saver and check the option "When I close the lid"
But this is very strange because you can set this option only to standby or hibernate.
However I would recommend checking this function and if necessary set it to no action

27.06.2006, 22:06
I have sorted the problem by reseting the bios to its default settings, so i don't know what was wrong.

28.06.2006, 13:28

Cool. Thanks for the information.
I have read your posting and it was very strange issue.
But it's nice that you have solved it.