View Full Version : WLan connection issue on Satellite A60-186

25.06.2006, 17:16
I have a problem with the Atheros AR5004g wirless network adapter on my PC since I bought it.
The problem is that if I try to connect the PC to any wirless network found in the "network list" the system start to try the connection and write me this message: "Attesa disponibilit� rete in corso" or..translated "waiting for network availability". but the connection never starts.

But...and it is funny...if I set up as manual all connections by the "network list" an set up as automatic connections only one (the access point for example) and than I switch off the access point I can see it disappear form the "network list". If I switch it on once again and click on update network list, the wireless connection with the access point automatically starts. The IP and the DNS address automatically are given to the system and everything starts to work. But if I close the connection I cannot connect once again (except if I don't do the same game).

The thing is that:
- the wireless adapter works (it is not out of use cause it shouldn't work even with "games")
- I cannot connect to any network "normally".
Can anyone help me to understand what the problem is?
Is it possible that I have to update the driver of the wireless adapter?

thank you in advance for your help.

30.06.2006, 16:33

Your posting is a little bit confusing.
You don't write about the connection. Did you use the windows WLan configuration or the Atheros WLan utility?
I would recommend using the Atheros Wlan utility to configure the Wlan connection because it's a Atheros Wlan card.
Of course, you can also check the updates availability. If the new driver was placed on the Toshiba website so you can try to install it.