View Full Version : Satellite Pro 4600: disk read error occurs - press Ctrl Alt Del to restart

24.06.2006, 18:17
I have a 4600 Pro that displays the error message "a disk read error occured. Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart" as soon as the TOSHIBA logo goes away.

The laptop was given to me because the person who had it tried to upgrade to XP Pro and couldn't get it to work, error with the CD Rom drive and she deleated the old operating system (Win2000) off.

I have taken the hard drive out and did a clean install of XP by attaching the hard drive to another computer. The hard drive boots up fine on the other computer but I get the error message on the 4600 Pro.
Any ideas. I know that I need to replace the CD Rom but if I can't get it to work, I don't want to drop the money into it for a new CD Rom.

Thanks, Bob

24.06.2006, 21:48

Are you sure that the CD drive is dead?
I have goggled a little bit in the net and found some informations that possibly there is HDD malfunction.
Some guys have advised to use the CHKDSK C: /R to fix this problem.

But if it's a cd drive fault so it should be possible to disable the drive in the device manager.

26.06.2006, 06:24
Hi Chad,

Thanks for the comeback. I think that the CD is dead because when I tried to install XP Pro, using a boot disk, it doesn't see any type of CD being there. However, my main problem right now is that when I try to boot the system up, I can't even get far enough to try out anything, it doesn't even come close to booting up. That is where I'm stuck right now.


26.06.2006, 09:35
Hello Bob

If you use floppy startdisk can you access HDD properly?