View Full Version : Weird noises with my Tecra

09.07.2004, 02:23
My Tecra makes a clacking noise when I am working. I am assuming it is the hard drive, but am not sure. I don't think this is normal because I never hear others people's machines clacking as loud. Also, a friend of mine uses the same machine in her office and does NOT have the same problem. Any advice out there?

13.08.2004, 14:03
Can you localize the clacking noise ?

CD Rom, HDD, Fan ?

06.12.2004, 16:23

I would give the Notebook as soon as possible to an authorized Service Partner for a check.

Additionally I would try to backup my personal Data, so long as the Hdd runs.

You find the next Servicepartner here -> eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com
Look for “Support / Downloads” and “Find an authorized service provider”.