View Full Version : How To Master Restore Tecra 8100?

23.06.2006, 15:51
Hi i have a Toshiba Tecra 8100 and i cannot start the laptop everytime i start it it sais that the system 32 file is missing or curropted does ne1 know how i can master restor it to its original factory setting withouit having to have a cd-r. thanks ryan

23.06.2006, 20:58

If you want more about this issue check please this Microsoft page http://support.microsoft.com/kb/833767/en-us

In my opinion the best solution is to reinstall the OS using delivered recovery media. On this way the unit will have factory settings and will be absolutely clean preinstalled.

If you need more suggestions please write again.


24.06.2006, 09:34

I assume you don't use the Windows XP. Am I right?
I asked it because Windows XP contains system restore tool which roll back the OS to the early point.
However, I agree with the Horwath and I think the new OS installation is the best way to solve this issue

26.06.2006, 11:40
Is it about missing or corrupt C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVER\PCI.SYS (On WinXP)? if so I beleive I experienced that problem. And its on memory slots. Try to remove and re install memory modules. If You have all 2 modules installed try to use one by one to determine which slot is devective.

11.08.2006, 19:25
Hi i cannot get onto the system itsefl it sais on startup it is missing sile system 32 or it is currupted so i cannot perform any acton on the system itself so i need a method that will work without needing a disk or needing to get onto the system thanks


11.08.2006, 19:32
Unfortunately, in my opinion in such cases the best way is to install the OS again.
If the safe mode doesn’t work so there are not many possibilities.
If you want to backup your files but you cannot enter the OS so I would recommend removing the HDD. Then put it into the external USB 2.5’ case and then safe your files on the second computer. After this procedure put the HDD into the notebook and start the new OS installation.