View Full Version : Satellite Pro M70-113: modem - very slow speed

23.06.2006, 10:19

I have a toshiba satellite pro m70-113 laptop.I purchased it in saudi arabia,riyadh.

The problem is that when i use the toshiba software modem(dialup) to connect to the internet...the connection is very very slow...while on same line,on my desktop speed is not a problem..on average,i get 1/4th the speed what i get on my desktop...and on same telephone line..

What is the problem?

Can anyone help me in this..is there any software configuration that can correct this problem??

Help will be much appreciated..


27.06.2006, 15:12

I don't know what modem your desktop unit has but modems supports different speeds.
You can also check the properties of the notebook modem.
Go to the Toshiba software modem properties and check the `modem` tab.
There you will find the maximum port speed. This should be set to the highest value.

It's also possible that the different providers use a different speed of data transmission.
Some time ago I have used a modem and I was very surprised that my data transmission speed was different on different providers.
As you can see there are many factors why you don?t get the same modem speed.