View Full Version : Intel Pro/Wireless 2100 driver update on Satellite M30

22.06.2006, 19:02

I tried to install the generic driver hosted at Intel.com site in order to add WPA2 support to my wireless client 2100 on my M30-801...the driver is marked and the installation went well...'til I noticed that by ipconfig /all the Wireless card resulted disconnected and I couldn't 'log' to my router USR9110...
I soon rolled back to Toshiba driver for the 2100: has anybody tried to do such a similar update?
Thanks in advance!

23.06.2006, 10:37

If the Toshiba driver works properly so I don't see any reasons for a changing.
The encryption depends on the hardware and not on the software.
If the card doesn't support WPA2 so also a driver update will not help.

28.06.2006, 11:33
I' ve done!
I had to re-enable broadcasting of my SSID; however the card, Intel 2100/Pro, supports Wpa2 BY Generic Intel driver and not BY Toshiba original driver...the strange thing is that by previous Toshiba driver the wireless client 2100 used to 'log' to my wireless LAN even with SSID broadcasting disabled...BTW I continue to engage MAC filtering...