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22.06.2006, 17:13
My Equium A60 laptop decided yesterday it doesn't want to boot up anymore. It brings up the safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, last known succesful config, start windows normally options. which ever one i choose, it goes to the OS logo (windows XP home ed) then it brings up a blue screen with this:

STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):

Then it will restart and just go through the same process.

I have not been able to find any help on this, only errors ending with "software", where as mine ends with "security"

STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):

for example: http://xphelpandsupport.mvps.org/how_do_i_repair_a_stop.htm

I don't want to try it because of the slight difference in the error.

I read through and it says you need your XP disc. well i'm afraid my laptop never came with one. As far as i know i have the 5 disc which came with it. and not one of them is an XP disc.

Anyway sorry for drifting away...but its all one big problem.

23.06.2006, 09:37

As far as I know the notebook was delivered with a Toshiba recovery CD.
You should get this CD. Check again if you have a Toshiba Recovery CD.

To solve this strange issue the best way is to recover the notebook.
But if you don't have this CD so it's possible to order it from the Toshiba service partner in your country.
It's not very expensive.

23.06.2006, 11:56
Yeh i have the toshiba recovery disc, but that completely wipes it doesn't it? Plus it says i need the windows XP CD which as far as i know has the recovery console on it which is what i would need.

Oh and another problem to add to the list to this superb piece of technology, i woke up this morning to find my screen doesn't even work now.
I'm guessing im gonna have to send it away now.

23.06.2006, 12:36
On the Toshiba recovery CD you will find only the image files.
If you want to use the recovery console from the original Windows XP CD so you have to purchased the Microsoft Windows.

But if you have now some troubles with the display so I would suggest contacting the Toshiba service partner in your country.
The guys can check the notebook and additional they can install the OS again.

Some time ago I have had a problem with my notebook and they have managed to solve the hardware issue and additional they have installed the OS.

26.06.2006, 00:19
Screens back on and staying on...dunno what that problem was about, anyway. My parents have an XP CD which came with their desktop. Would I be able to use that, or would i still have to buy one?

I'm probably just going to send it away for a health check at this place I know, only costs �30 n they do the lot n will problem no doubt be able to solve the problem. But of course if anyone has any other help comments then feel free. Its much appreciated, thanks!

26.06.2006, 21:08

I assume your parents have also a recovery CD which was designed for using only on the desktop pc.
Anyway, you can use original Windows OS and then you can install the Toshiba drivers from the Toshiba website.

27.06.2006, 23:28
So, am I able to reinstall the OS from my parents disc, without whiping the hard drive?

28.06.2006, 14:23

As Juan has suggested in the posting above you shouldn't install any other recovery CD on your Toshiba notebook. You should use only the right recovery CD for this Equium A60. Every Toshiba notebook uses a own recovery CD.
If you don't have this recovery CD you can order it form the Toshiba ASP. It's not expensive.

29.06.2006, 17:52
HI Dave,

The problem you are experiencing is a fault in the registry structure in your OS. In Windows XP the registry is not just one file but is a whole collection of them (usually referred to as 'hives'). If you have access to a genuine Microsoft XP cd you can try to run the Recovery Console from it to rectify the registry but given the nature of the registry it may not be possible to correct it in this way. If you had simply got a corrupt or missing system file then the recovery console would be able to copy the affected file(s) from the install CD. This is not possible with the registry hives because they are unique to your OS in that they contain data pertinent to your own set-up and installation.

You could install the OS from your parents install CD but I don't think you could then register the installation with Microsoft (for Updates etc.) since it will presumably already be registered as having been used once before.

The correct course of action would be to backup your own data (by attaching your hard drive to another PC if possible) and then restoring your system from your own recovery CD and bringing it back up to date using Windows Update.

I would also recommend that you invest in a backup strategy to some offline media so that in future you can easily restore the whole system to a working state without too much effort.