View Full Version : Equium L10: How to configure the WLAN card to pick up the router?

22.06.2006, 13:45
Am new to wireless stuff and am trying to set up BT Broadband to BT Voyager2091 router. Laptop wireless button in 'on', but cannot connect or see any available wireless networks. How do I configure the laptop built-in wireless card to pick up the router?

22.06.2006, 21:34

First of all I hope that your unit is delivered with WLAN card and that WLAN card is listed in device manager under network adapters.

The card must be at first activated with wireless power switch that you can find in the front of your notebook near the system indicator lights (right side). When the card is activated use FN F8 key combination to enable the card. When you use FN keys in the middle of the screen you will see a small window. When the FN button is constantly pressed down, every time by F8 key usage the different symbol will be chosen.

Go into START > control panel > Network connections. Click with right mouse button on Wireless network connection and choose properties. Chose WIRELESS NETWORKS tab and activate option called Use Windows to configure ?.

At this point the available networks should be shown. Choose option View Wireless Networks. If your WLAN is listed there you must set up the connection if the password is defined.

Try it!!!

23.06.2006, 20:17
Many thanks, worked a treat