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22.06.2006, 09:11
My Toshiba A100 has an Intel 3945ABG wifi device in it. I've got the current Intel wifi drivers for that installed too. However, the maximum throughput I seem to get using that wifi interface is just over 2Mbps. My router is a Netgear DG834G. My other PCs also have wifi cards and their throughput is around 5x greater when they are transferring files to each other via the router. Similarly, if I'm using the internet, the throughput never ever increases beyond just over 2Mpbs whilst my other PCs often get 4-6Mbps on my MAX DSL line. So, something's holding back the performance of this wifi device. The RWIN value is the same as on my other machines, and it doesn't matter if I use XP or Intel ProSet to manage the wifi connection. It doesn't matter if the laptop is powered from mains or the battery too.

Has anyone else experienced this and resolved it, or do I just sit tight and wait for a newer Intel driver to be released that might address the issue.

23.06.2006, 18:08

Try to update to the latest Intel Wireless LAN driver. In case this does not solve the issue, please also disable the card's power saving and set the roaming aggressiveness to low.
Intel offers their generic drivers in packages, containing drivers version v10.xx for the 3945 card, and the Intel ProSet wireless LAN client (as an alternative to Window's Zero Configuration client) with individual version numbers. Try to install the proper driver and Intel ProSet.
Maybe it will help.

Good luck!

24.06.2006, 10:12
As mentioned in my original posting, I am already using the latest Intel (generic) drivers for the 3945ABG as well as Intel ProSet. I did try changing the parameters you mentioned too, but this made no noticable difference in the performance.

24.06.2006, 15:22

You card supports 3 WLan standards: 802.11 A; B and G
These Wlan standards support different data transmission rate and the transmission performance.
You can try to use only one WLan standard of this card.
Check this useful site about WLan:

Additionally there could be a different WLan card performance.
I think you use not similar WLan cards. Possibly your different WLan cards don't support the same performance.