View Full Version : Trouble after BIOS upgrade on Satellite Pro 4600

21.06.2006, 10:55
there is a problem with the notebook toshiba. its not installing any windows OS after the setup starts in xp there is an error message that says that setupdd.sys drivers could not be loaded (error code 14)

i tried with different cds with same error, then i tried the procedure of ghost image but all in vain after restart it was agin with an error that required dll kernels are not found i even used a fresh ghost image but same error.

Actually i upgraded the bios to a recent ver 2.60 it was fine it started two times and was used for several hours. the update was suuccesful and running. it all started when we placed a kingston flash disk in the usb after that it was working fine we copied a simple document on drive d nothing else, it worked for half an hour. After that i shut it down and then late at night when i started the system it was fine.i was listening to a song after that it was displaying the error messge system32 driver pci.sys corrupted or missed.

Then i tried all i knew in windows xp from booting with xp cd and........ etc. i also formatted the harddrive to try win98 its setup gave an error too, error external to msdos i think its the bios update thats causing problem because windows 2000 professional setup gave a very specific error. bios not fully ACPI compatible after pressing F7 in windows xp setup the ACPI feature went silent and setup went on fine but while formatting the drive it stopped with an error the harddrive cannot be formatted.

it's a week now. do you have the previous bios file with you may be that would solve the problem or else.
please guide me. i have gone at toshibas website for about 25-30 times but they don't have the previous bios file except the latest ver2.60

22.06.2006, 22:12
Hi Usman

The problem is that you can not roll back BIOS to previous version. Just Toshiba authorized service partner can do this using special tool.

Check please this document. I don?t know if this can help but maybe you can better understood the problem http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=330181

Good luck!

27.06.2006, 19:53
THANKS a million! my friend! I don know how I can repay you back. but I am very obliged to receive your suggestion