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20.06.2006, 11:15

I have an Equium A60 and have had no trouble with it appart from the overheated which was sorted by changing the thermal paste on the CPU (which i might say there was hardly any there).
But as other people have noticed it slows down and re-installing, thats ok, something to do when im bored but i hate all the bundled aplication that comes on the recovery disk.

I have a downloaded version of every version of windows Home but the COA serial key does not work with any of the ones i have and i do not want an illegal version of windows.

Please could anyone tell me what version of Home i need for the COA serial key to work with.

I have tried:

-Corporate ???

What do i need to use the legal Licence key.


20.06.2006, 11:32

The windows OS on the recovery CD is a OEM version (already activated).
You can not use a key of the OEM version on another Windows OS.
If you want to install the fresh Windows OS on your notebook, so you have to use an original Microsoft Windows form the original CD.

But I don't understand why you want to install a new Windows OS without the Toshiba application. Without this software you cannot use the all notebook features.
All notebook features needs additional tools and utilities.

Of course, the notebook needs a little bit longer to start all this applications at the beginning but if you don't want to use it you can remove it from the OS in the control panel.

20.06.2006, 11:40

I do not want to use the recovery CD because of all the junk that is bundled with it. and removing the things i do not want does not completely satify me as i know certain things are still there.

I have ran Windows XP Pro on there as a trial with all the feature working because i used the "Additional Software" disk i was given by PC World.

So i KNOW that the laptop works perfectly without the recovery CD.

all i want to do is have a version of windows without all the bundled software.

My reasons are good as i have ran clean versions of windows and the laptops life was alot longer than with the recovery cd with the software taken off it.

Please help.

20.06.2006, 12:05
I have forget to say that it's possible to install the clean Windows OS on the notebook and then to install all Toshiba drivers and tools from the delivered Additional Software CD or from the Toshiba webpage.
But these applications are also a part of the Toshiba recovery CD. Of course there are additional programs too.
However, nice that it work. You need now only the original Windows OS ;)


20.06.2006, 12:16
Back to my original question.
What version of windows would i need for the licence key to be valid?

or is there a way to extract the install files from the recovery disk and build a new install disk with them.

note: i have norton ghost explorer

20.06.2006, 12:21
As I said in my first posting, you cannot use the OEM licence key!
If you want to use the clear Windows, you have to buy a full version of Win OS.
Then you can install all the needed Toshiba drivers and tools and then you can make your own ghost image.

20.06.2006, 12:30

Any way that the I386 folder can be used and replaced on an exsisting windows disk and used to install windows?
Or would the key not work at all still.

By the way. if i was to use a tool to retrieve the licence key from the registry would it match the one printed on the COA sticker?

20.06.2006, 16:56

You can not manipulate with serial number because Toshiba use special SLP (System Locked Pre-Installation) technique for product activation.

If you want to use your own OS you must have a licensed version. The version that you got with your unit is licensed one and you have paid it with your notebook.

I don?t know why you complicate the whole thing. If you think that your own installation will have longer life than recovery one I can accept it but I have never had bad experiences with original image.

The fact is that stability and long life doesn't depend on preinstalled Toshiba stuff just on personal configuration and a way of usage.