View Full Version : How to change system date on Satellite Pro 4200?

19.06.2006, 20:20
I must change my system date and I didn't know how. I go to BIOS and there is nothing to change date. I didn't have operating system. I won't install Linux but before i must change date. Please can any one tell me how can I do??? Sorry but my English is not very well.

Som slovak

22.06.2006, 15:51

Usually it should be possible to change the time and the date in the BIOS.
What BIOS you have? Toshiba or Phoenix?

22.06.2006, 16:24
Hello Radko

I am really confused with your posting. As far as I know in every BIOS version on the first page (main page on Phoenix) there you can find system time and system data settings.

I really don't know what to say. If you want you can try to make BIOS update but please be careful about that and read instructions how to do this.