View Full Version : HDD and RAM upgrade on Tecra 8000

16.06.2006, 16:42
I have a toshiba tecra 8000 p2 266mhz, 64MB, 6GB HD.

My questions is i would like to upgrade the ram and hard drive. can anyone tell me what is the maximum i can put into my laptop. im aiming for a 40GB HDD and 256 RAM... I would like to upgrade the processor but i dont think it would be possible. if so please let me know what the maximum is.

Thanks guys

17.06.2006, 14:47

I have found info that your unit can handle with 256 MB max and compatible module for Pentium II unit are:
PA2060U 32 MB
PA2061U 64 MB
PA2062U 128 MB

For user who have Pentium III unit I will also post that compatible module are:
PC100 128MB (PA3005U)
PC100 64MB (PA3004U)
PC100 32MB (PA3003U)

HDD upgrade is always a little bit problematic because of maximum capacity that will be recognized properly, but I presume that you can use up to 20 GB HDD without problems.
Sorry but I didn?t find precise info about that.


17.06.2006, 22:31
Thanks alot my friend

25.08.2006, 21:32
Yea I have a 20 gig one in my tecra 8000, seems to be fine.