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15.06.2006, 20:41
I hope someone can help me with this, it's driving me crazy.

I cannot get the sound to work on my Tecra 9100. The system does not recognise that there is a sound card present. When I try to install drivers downloaded from the Toshiba website, the installation goes through the motions then at the end turns out this error message: Warning, "Driver was not installed". That's it. I have tried uninstalling, rebooting, fully updating Windows, even doing the system restore from the CDs that came with the laptop... nothing works! Argh!

17.06.2006, 14:24

Are you 100% sure that the sound card is not defective?

19.06.2006, 15:40

In my opinion after using of the Toshiba recovery CD it?s should be not necessary to install the additional sound driver.
All drivers are preinstalled on the OS, also the sound driver.
If the sound card was recognized properly in the device manager so you don?t need to install the sound driver. The card should works. In this case you should check the audio options in the control panel.

If the sound card is not recognized properly and you see a yellow exclamation mark, so it?s possible that there is something wrong with the hardware.
In this case only the Toshiba service partner can help you to locate the malfunction and to solve it.

06.07.2006, 16:54
If this is a new computer to you, and you have not made any major driver changes, it may be where the sound card cable connects to the I/O board. Replacing the sound card will not help this. If you look at the connection, it may have residue on it and around it. In about 3 out of 4 cases, cleaning the connection with alcohol and a q-tip will correct the problem. BUT if you are not qualified to repair this yourself, I would take it to Toshiba tech and let them look at it!!!

Hope this helps.

17.07.2006, 15:48

Have you found one end or the other of this connector to be more likely the culprit? In my system's case, I suspect it's the audio card, but I'd appreciate any option that wouldn't require my purchasing a new computer. So far, my WiFi mini-PCI, the modem, and the audio card has died on my 9100 Tecra.
Before that, the microphone decided to stay on at all times, the keyboard became intermittent, and the right side speaker also went intermittent.

20.07.2006, 10:19
Ok seems that I'm not the only one with all of those problems! jeje ok, now I kinda got the soundcard working, but the update driver from Toshiba's web is not working at all, first is missing the driver!!! it has the installer but is missing this file: yacxg.sys and it has to be the newest version which I belive is to nos if someone has this single file please let me know!!!

I'll try to fix this thing up and see if it works. The installer is not working because the driver is no into the zip file. Or at least on none of the ones I've downloaded from Toshiba.com or any other website.

Also mode / wiFi are not working. Let's help each other.

21.07.2006, 10:35
Hey guys

According to the Toshiba document this happens because the pre-installed Yamaha sound driver AC-XG will not work after installing Service Pack 1.

Please check this link: