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15.06.2006, 03:47
My computer is a equium L10-200, the keyboard layout is : English-United Kingdon, because I bought the laptop in England last year.. but I've moved to my country - Brazil, and I can't configure the keyboard to use the Brazilian Portuguese accents, I need, for bussiness application, to change that keyboard for a United States International or Brazilian Portuguese layout. I already sent an email to toshiba brasil (they not answer) and trying send to toshiba england (but I don't know witch e-mail) asking for some help... it's very important to me.

Somebody know were I find who change my keyboard?

It's very hard to work using accents pressing "ALT-GR" accent ("�" or "^") letter... In Brazilian Portuguese is very common words that use accents... I spend a lot of time to type a report or something...

thanks a lot and I'm waiting for some help

15.06.2006, 15:48

you can change the language this way:
Control Panel - Regions- and language options - language-tab - Details

You can get a new keyboard from a service partner of Toshiba.


16.06.2006, 10:48

Stefan has right. You can set Portuguese as default input language and switch between English and Portuguese. There you will find option for Portuguese (Brazil). It will just help by usage of keyboard symbols.

If you want to use whole WXP on Portuguese you must install Portuguese version of WXP