View Full Version : USB External Speakers for Equium M50

14.06.2006, 17:26
Can anyone suggest a decent set of USB supported External Speakers preferably with sub woofer.


16.06.2006, 09:26
Hello T****

I have noticed that your posting is also in ?Options & Accessories? and I don?t understand why you post it again under Equium section.

Any USB external speakers can be used on every unit and not just on your Equium notebook. Because of that it is reasonable to be in other section.

Back to the speakers: Like you know on the market there are many products and the price telling you everything about the product. I recommend you Logitech products. They produce high quality products but you must see how much you can pay. I recommend you to test it in the shop and you will see which sound quality is the best for you.