View Full Version : Wireless connection on Equium A60

mrs jess
13.06.2006, 01:29

Can anyone help me please? I have just got wireless broadband but when ever I try to connect to the router I get a message saying please turn on the wireless network device. I have just discovered that my laptop, Equium A60 has a wireless switch missing from the side; there is just an empty hole there.

When I checked the programs, it looks like Atheros is on the pc. I am not very teckie and would like some help please with what I need to do or do I need to buy something for my laptop???

17.06.2006, 13:41
Hello Jess

Every notebook delivered with WiFi card has a sticker on the bottom side. Please check it to be sure if the card is on the board. You can also open device manager and check entries under NETWORK ADAPTERS.

19.06.2006, 11:23

You don't say the detailed name of your unit but as far as I know on some Equium A60 the WLan card is not available.
But to be 100% sure you should check the device manager for this card.
If this notebook has no WLan card so you will be not able to connect to the WLan router by using the WLan function.
You will need a 3rd party WLan USB stick for example.