View Full Version : Equium M70-364 Question about upgrades?

11.06.2006, 20:08
Hi, can anyone point me in the direction of purchasing some of these items.
Battery...its a PA3465U-1BRS (6cell i believe) I found on google a forum talking about using PA3457U-1BRS (8Cell) or can i get better?
Internal DVD Writer
More Ram

Basically, i'd like to upgrade as much as i can.

Many thanks

- John

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Mannerhagen Tom
11.06.2006, 21:07

currently there seems to be the 8-cell pack available. Maybe something else is coming, I don't know. Keep a look out on the Toshiba Europe web for updates.
Here's a link to the 8-cell pack:

The stuff you ask for would be easier to find if you told us which country you live in.



11.06.2006, 22:36
Thanx. I've noted these differences, are they going to upset things?

My battery DC10.8V 4000mAh (PA3465U)
The 8 Cell is DC14.4V 4300mAh (PA3457U)

I'm in the UK

Also, RE. DVD writer, according to PC world they did an upgraded version of my M70-364 with more Ram and a DVD Writer,
I wonder if i can buy that drive from Toshiba and install it alone.

- John

Mannerhagen Tom
12.06.2006, 10:14

I admit it sounds a bit strange that the 2 packs have different voltage - but if they both are made for this model you can be confident that the difference is of no matter to the user - except they will have different run-times.

As for the memory - feel free to max it up. Both slots are accessible from the bottom. You might want to know that if you want to fill the unit up, you will also have to remove the old modules first. This unit takes Max 2GB.

The question about the optical drive is not so easy. I'm pretty sure you can turn to an ASP (recommended!) an buy an original part that have the specs you need, but mounting it yourself will invalid the warranty. So I suggest you ask the ASP to do that for you.

Check this link to find an ASP:


Good luck!


19.06.2006, 20:49

I have found info that you can use follow batteries: PA3457U-1BAS (8cell) and PA3457U-1BRS (8cell). I didn?t find info that you can use better. Probably the 8 cell battery is the best that you can have.

As far as I know your unit must be delivered with DVD-super-multi drive and I don?t know what you mean with better one. Is it not good enough?

RAM can be expanding and you can use DDR2-400/533 512MB (PA3412U-1M51) and DDR2-400/533 1GB (PA3411U-1M1G) module. Maximum RAM for this unit is 2GB.

Other info you can get from your local dealer.