View Full Version : S-video problem on Satellite Pro A100

11.06.2006, 11:55
Hi I just recently bought a brand new satellite pro a100 with XP pre-installed- one of my main reasons for choosing this as well as the price was the built-in s-video connector so I could get my screen up on to my tv. However I havent yet got this working and would appreciate any assistance.

It is connected to my TV via a s-video cable connected to a working s-video/scart adapter. Nothing is displaying on the screen and, in the ATI displays setting, panel is the only option available to me. The other 2 including TV are greyed out.

Maybe something else needs to be configured but I havent found any information of any use yet.



Mannerhagen Tom
12.06.2006, 16:35
Hi Marcus

make sure to disable the 2nd screen in the display properties.
It is the same place where you set display resolution and colour depth. THere is also the possibility to have 2 active pictures.
They are visualized by 2 monitors (1 and 2). Make sure no 2 is disabled.



12.06.2006, 22:07

As far as I know there should not be any problems if you want to connect the notebook to the TV. After connecting please use FN F5 key combination and switch it to the TV.

It can happen that picture will be black-white but it is there because S-video in port on TV is not activated.

20.06.2006, 12:43
Thanks guys for your responses. I've got it working OK but with b&w output. I've now got on order a certain scart adapter which gives proper colour output.