View Full Version : Tecra 8100 - memory slot B don't work

08.06.2006, 11:51

I bought recently a Tecra 8100 and i decided to upgrade the ram from 128 to 512.
I didn't buy the good modules, but anyway, when i opened the laptop, i found out that i had 2 modules of 128Mo....
I have done some tests :
- just 1 module on slot A, it was ok (128 detected)
- just 1 module on slot B, nothing happened, the laptop didn't boot...
- switch the modules, still 128 detected
That's why I think my slot B is dead...
Does anybody have a clue of what I can do ?
Maybe a bios update will do the trick... i have still to try this...
By the way, what's the key combo to enter the bios ?

08.06.2006, 12:51
Don't know if it works for you.
On my Tecra s3 it works : Push the ESC and power on your machine. Then press F1


08.06.2006, 13:16
Ok thanks a lot, i'll try as soon as i can
it wasn't obvious for someone used to desktop computer (it's my 1st laptop)


08.06.2006, 13:35

There is not much to do if slot B is defective. If you don?t want to repair it you can use 256MB memory module in slot A. The part number of compatible 256 MB module is PA3051U-1NME.

BIOS settings you can open using ESC button.