View Full Version : Question about BIOS update for Equium M70-337

04.06.2006, 20:08
I have just bought an M70-337 and looking around the Toshiba site I notice there is a BIOS update - from my current v1.3 to v1.4. Several things occurred to me - mostly centering around me having spent 3 days swapping my sytems to a new computer :-

I have never updated a BIOS before.
I have heard it can be potentially disastrous
So is it worth risking 3 days work for an update that may not be necessary ?
I have downloaded the file bios-130win.zip - is it just a question of installing the program the same way other Windows programs install ?
Or should i be wary ?

Anyone know ? or have any experience of updating a BIOS thru Windows ?

05.06.2006, 17:46
Hi Alan,

As your rightly say, BIOS updates can be potentially disastrous if anything should go wrong with the process.

I would not recommend that you try to update the BIOS unless it is absolutely necessary in order to correct some problem that you are experiencing with your notebook. The usual reason for a BIOS update being produced is to correct an identified bug in the previous version, or to provide new functionality/support for new peripherals or OS settings. If you are not experiencing any problems with you notebook then I would leave well alone and run with the BIOS that is already installed.

The M70 is a very nice unit and I don't know of any existing bugs or updates that are essential for it. Enjoy it as it is :-)


06.06.2006, 09:56
Yes I think you are right I'll leave it alone for the time being - I am curious to know what the update is though - if anyone knows or can find out.

06.06.2006, 10:05
Hello Alan

I agree with Nicky. The most important thing is that your system runs stabile and that you can use all external devices you want. If there is no problem it is really not necessary to make any BIOS update. If you will have any specific problem the BIOS update as solution is possible.

By the way: if you check this forum there are no any known bugs on this machine. If you find out something please let us know.


06.06.2006, 17:22
This is not a serious problem but there are minor glitches :-

I just tried altering my power scheme - saving a new scheme then deleting it. After deleting the new scheme I found that 4 of the 7 schemes that were there - were now gone. Leaving only 3. This is supposed not to be possible - the 6 schemes supplied by Toshiba should be incapable of deletion.
I put it right with a system restore - which worked - I got the 6 power schemes back - but one thing that puzzled me was the system restore disabled all of my network connections. I don't understand why.

As I said - minor problems.

16.06.2006, 18:03
Taking another look I found this page - which I don't think was there before - it says run a windows BIOS update as any other windows install. With a few precautions.