View Full Version : Driver cd-rw/dvdrom looking for a Satelite Pro 2100

02.06.2006, 21:44

I am looking the driver for the cd-rw/dvdrom
I have installed XP professional
I am enregistred to the site from Toshiba and download all drivers i
can for my laptop
but I haven't got the driver for the cd-rw/dvdrom

Default xp has installed this driver
Toshiba DVDROM SD-C2502 V1313
but he just do dvdrom and i can't use the cdrw
Could you plz help to have the driver
I have downloaded all driver to the support site from toshiba
But there is no driver for the cd-rw/dvdrom nothing

03.06.2006, 00:57
HI Ab,

There are no special drivers for the optical drive in your laptop just the standard Microsoft drivers supplied with the XP operating system.

Make sure that you have the 'Enable CD Recording on this drive' box ticked for your optical drive. You can check this by selecting My Computer then right click on the optical drive, select the properties option and then click on the recording tab.


03.06.2006, 15:17

You don’t need any driver. When the drive is listed in device manager check please the properties. There you can the content of “device status”.

If you have problems with CD burning procedure it is also possible that there is some technical problem.

03.06.2006, 21:38

Thx for your answer but the device can read dvd or cd
For your information to properties I have Toshiba dvd-rom sd-c2502
Today I have reinstalled XP with delete partition et installation, now i have checked and i have juste this driver toshiba dvd-rom sd-c2502
I can't use the cdrw Why I don't understand for me the prb come from the driver,
I can read dvdrom en read cd.