View Full Version : Sat Pro A100: Question about RAM upgrade and the warranty

01.06.2006, 23:30
I just purchased my machine and Ive decided to install some more ram. Does anyone know if it will affect my Gurentee. I can't find anything on the website about it. Do I need to get an official Toshiba repairer to install it or something?

02.06.2006, 10:27

If when you send the notebook to Autorized repair center you put the old memory doesn´t matter, and you dont have problems. keep with the old memorys for this situation.

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02.06.2006, 10:54

Please check you user manual. Usually the memory slot should be placed at the bottom of the unit. If you remove the cover you should see the slots.
Usually the memory upgrade procedure is described in the user manual so you can upgrade the memory by yourself and the upgrade procedure doesn’t affect your warranty.
But please be sure that you use the right modules.
However, you can also contact the Toshiba service for the memory upgrade.

02.06.2006, 12:09
I have investigated a little bit in the net and found this useful website which offers the memory modules for Satellite Pro A100:

It’s great.

02.06.2006, 14:21

As far as I know you can expand the memory alone. The instruction how to do this you can find on page 130 user’s manuals. If you use recommended memory modules you should not be worry about guarantee.