View Full Version : Tecra 8200: flickering screen brightness on battery usage

01.06.2006, 22:52
I have a Tecra 8200 running Windows 2000 Pro. The problem is with screen brightness flickering intermittently, every few minutes when on battery power. The Toshiba power saver utility seems to work OK; its response seems to depend on battery life remaining, ie below 50% there is no difference between "normal" and "long life" with respect to screen brightness.
Above 50% there is no difference between "normal" and "high power". There are no problems at all when running on AC power.

I recently changed the battery; the original was a PA3062U-1BAR, but the new one is a PA3062U-1BAT. Could that be causing problems?

Mannerhagen Tom
02.06.2006, 10:19

I'm pretty sure the battery replacement is not the cause of the flickering. If the battery would be bad or not compatible (it IS compatible, I know!) you would experience more problems like not able to fit it properly, not charging, giving way to short run times...

I think the flickering comes from problems with either the FL-Inverter or maybe the FL-tube.
The unit you have is not so new anymore and the tubes wear out eventually. It might not mean that the tube is about to go out completely, but it could mean just that it is not as bright as it was when new, and the lower light modes are harder to sustain in an even way.

What you could do is to make sure that you do not have a connection problem that might interfere.
Remove the mask in front of the screen and locate the FL-inverter board. It is a single PCB and should be just below the TFT.
Disconnect and reconnect the incomoing and outgoing connectors a few times. But please please please be very careful not to damage the cables or connectors.

Try to use the low light again and see if it still is flickering. If so, you might just either turn up the brightness another level (means shorten the battery runtime) or consider turning the unit in for repair.

Good luck


02.06.2006, 18:26

The new battery is the right one and listed in Tecra specification for this notebook model and I believe that battery can not be responsible for that.

If you try what Tom suggested please let us know about results.

03.06.2006, 13:31
Many thanks, Tom. I'm glad the battery is not responsible since it was quite expensive.

I'll try what you suggest and let you know what happens.


06.06.2006, 15:10
Hi Tom

Well, I managed to find the FL inverter as you described and removed it without doing any damage. The two hidden screws had me struggling for a while...

Anyway, after connecting and disconnecting the two plugs as you suggested the situation is much improved, in fact perfect so far but that was only after 5 mins of running it so it's early days yet.

So, many thanks for your help; I am of course very relieved.

Kind regards