View Full Version : Qosmio F20-155 the wireless internet is too slow

31.05.2006, 22:17
I had another laptop with me that surf the net fast but when I use my Qosmio it is pretty slow???
Is it something with the settings or all Qosmios notebooks are the same???
Help me please!

01.06.2006, 15:27

As far as I know the Qosmio F20 was delivered with the 802.11 b/g WLan standard.
Usually the settings are set to b and g. In this case you can use the both options. But if the settings are set only to b so the card uses only this standard.
The 802.11 b is slower then 802.11 g
Speed wise 802.11b provides up to 11mpbs raw throughput or about 5.5mbps after protocol overhead. 802.11b is compatible products with work with the greatest number of installed networks including all public Hot Spots. 802.11b is also backward compatible with 802.11g products because they both use the 2.5ghz ISM frequency band.
802.11g has 54mbps raw throughput or about 20mbps throughput after protocol overhead or 45mbps actual in turbo mode. If you application involves high speed bridging or copying large files over 100mb then 802.11g is worth looking at. Distance wise 802.11g will only provide the maximum 54mbps connection at close range usually less than 100 feet. After that the connection falls back to 802.11b speeds. For compatibility 802.11g access points can be set in dual mode b and g supported. There is one issue with this as soon as a 802.11b client associates all clients on the network are kicked down to 802.11b speeds. This can be solved by putting the access point in g only mode.

01.06.2006, 21:01

It must be something with settings. By the way: which WiFi card is listed in device manager? Maybe Intel 2200 B/G?

03.06.2006, 17:51
sorry the mistake was from the server. now its back to normal

thanx everyone