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31.05.2006, 21:51
I own a Toshiba Tecra 8000 laptop given to me late last year by my uncle. I live in the UK but he is, and bought the PC in Italy. I don't know if this causes any complications but I thought it may be helpful.

Since I got it it would occasionally not display any picture at all from boot, then if I gave it some time and rebooted it would begin working again. It bagan happening more frequently, and now I cannot get it to work. I conections and found that everything was in place. It then didn't seem to be turning on, however when I replaced the front panel's LED cable it appeared to be turning on, and although I couldn't hear much the CPU was emmiting some heat. I opened up the hard drive and gave it a once over, replaced it and it still would not boot. I had taken out and replaced screws on the heat sink around that area but I didn't tamper with much else.

So now I have a monitor that does not work and a gard drive that doesn't want to boot... Any ideas?


01.06.2006, 12:07

Could be either the motherboard, processor, or ram. The processor when it goes bad or is not locked into place (have had this happen before, install the CPU but forgot to turn the lock so it can not move) the computer will act like its booting, give no errors, and remain on a black screen. Check to make sure the cpu is locked in place. Then remove the ram and try a stick of ram that works on another computer. If you try the ram and the processor and still does not boot, then chances are your motherboard is dead and needs to be replaced. Hope this helps and you fix the problem.

01.06.2006, 16:19
Success!... On one count. The hard drive is booting after I took out and replaced the CPU board. However the screen is still not displaying anything. I'm having a computer tech friend on mine look at it soon (later today) so he'll hopefully be able to give some insight.

I also noticed some corrosion (blue crystalised type stuff) on the motherboard about an inch away from the GPU... Dunno what that's affecting.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion! At least I know the HDD's not bust now.

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