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25.11.2004, 01:19
Hi My laptop is Tecra 780DVD, I have a problem to run dvd as I tried, WinDVD , PowerDvd and DVDexpress none of them made any diff. still does not work,
Now I have seen in the internet that I need hardware DVD decoders, so where would I be able to download the file!!!!!!!! Please note that my os Win ME
Best regards

29.11.2004, 14:57
Hi Henady,

the Tecra 780DVD was delivered with the Operating System Windows 95, Windows 98 an Win Nt 4.0.

The problem is that the installed Hardware decoder is not working with Windows ME !

So in that case I can't help you.


01.12.2004, 13:42
Hi Henady,

Francesco74 is right!

If you want to use the DVD option of the Tecra 780DVD you have to use the written supported OS!

The other players as you have written are all Software decoder DVD player, so in my opinion the Tecra 780DVD has not enough power to play the DVD software emulated!

Bye Sammy