View Full Version : Satellite Pro A10 Spills, no Thrills

29.05.2006, 19:38
Hi all
First time on here and I hope one of you heroes can help! I think (but I don't remember) that I must have spilt some beer on my keyboard and now the keys don't work in three diagonal stripes down the keyboard. A bit of a strange pattern. Everything else is fine. Can I just replace the keyboard using the manual instructions or might there be other damage? Are these keyboards readily available and reasonably priced?
I'd be very grateful for any help at all

29.05.2006, 19:55
Remove the keyboard & clean the contacts on the back of it

30.05.2006, 11:28
Hi David,

The keyboard is very easy to replace on the A10 model. See the following URL for details of how to do it (steps 8 through 10) http://irisvista.com/tech/laptops/ToshibaA15/SatelliteA15_laptop_disassembly_1.htm don't worry that it refers to the A15 thtis is basically the same model as the A10 but for the US market.

New keyboards are readily available so I suggest you try Googling for one. The part number is P000379350 .