View Full Version : Portege 2000 - Lid sensor/special keys don't work after XP install?

28.05.2006, 18:49
Windows XP SP2 installed on a formatted drive on a Portege 2000 previously set to run Win 2000 from factory.
After installation all the downloads for WinXP available from the Toshiba site were added.
The Toshiba special keys for browser and Toshiba console now don't work and the lid sensor
to get the computer in standby or hibernate when the lid is closed aren't working.
It will hibernate if you hit Function f4. The XP which was installed didn't come from Toshiba.
Help?? Thanks much.

31.05.2006, 09:05

The fact is that the Toshiba power saver controls the hibernation and standby mode.
There you can configure this option.
As far as I know the closing lid option you can set only to standby, power off or no action. You cannot set it to hibernate.
In the power saver you have to use the details button. In the “system power mode” you can configure this action.


03.06.2006, 02:01
Hi and thanks for the reply.
The choices for the closed lid option are "no action" "standby" and "hibernate." Standby and hibernate
don't work when you close the lid.
When the function keys are used (f3 or f4) for hibernate and standby they work.
The closed lid option worked on Win2000, but when XP was loaded they ceased to work.