View Full Version : Need repair manual for CD-rom upgrade on Satellite Pro L20

28.05.2006, 13:33
Is there anywhere I can download a repair manual for the Satellite Pro L20 as I've just purchased a dvdrw drive & want to fit it myself


30.05.2006, 15:20

Unfortunately, you will not find any repair manuals on the Toshiba website. Only the Toshiba service partners have such documents and have possibility to use notebook manuals.
As far as I know the drive is secured with a screw which is placed at the bottom of the unit and under the keyboard.
After removing of these two screws you can disconnect an optical drive from the connector on the system board.

But without any experience you should remove any drives. I think you should ask the Toshiba service to help you because he has more experience in such cases

30.05.2006, 15:48

Unfortunately there is no repair manual for download. I am not 100% sure but I believe that the drive is fixed with one screw that you can find at the bottom side. Check it. If the screw is removed you can pull out the drive.

31.05.2006, 00:01
Already tried removing the screw on the bottom, no joy. Guess I'll have to remove the entire case.

31.05.2006, 09:37

Like the Jimi has suggested in the previous posting itís possible that the drive is secured with the additional screw inside of the notebook. But if you have no experience in such procedures you should ask the ASP for the details.