View Full Version : Tecra 8200: Question about screen 14.1 replacement

26.05.2006, 16:14
Hi, my screen only shows the left hand side, a line goes down the middle and the right hand side is blank. If I hold the screen outer tightly on the top left hand side, the whole screen lights up as normal. I have attached a remote screen and this works fine. I have been told this is a screen fault.
The screen part No is LTM14C438, they are very expensive. I can get a different screen number (LTM14C433), which is a 20 pin toshiba from a TE2000, and I am told it will work.

Can anyone confirm this, thanks, Allan

29.05.2006, 16:04

The fact is that the screen and the motherboard are the most expensive parts of the notebook. I donít know if you can use a different notebook screen, but I assume itís not possible. You should always use the compatible and supported parts and devices.
You can try to contact the Toshiba service and you can try to ask him for the opinion but I think he will recommend to use the original Toshiba parts.

29.05.2006, 20:49
Thanks for reply. I saw a screen on Ebay and asked the question, the reply was that he did not know for sure, however if it was a 20 pin connection and the conection was in the same place, he was sure it would work. I was just trying to confirm. I rang Toshiba, they gave me 3 compatibale Part No's. They then informed me a new screen would be about £284. I am persisting with a remote screen until I find out one way or another. Thanks again. Allan

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