View Full Version : Number Lock Problem on Satellite Pro L20

26.05.2006, 12:01
We have about 60 Satellite Pro L20s on a network. When the user starts the computer sometimes they start with the number lock on. Its seems to be worse on some that others. This is very annoying as it causes problems with logons.

Is there any way of disabling the number lock function on these laptops?



29.05.2006, 21:50

I am a little bit confused. I thought that SP L20 has no “Num lock” key.
Is there maybe activated a green lamp under F11 button?

30.05.2006, 14:13

There are many Satellite Pro L20 notebooks but I assume all have the same keyboard.
I agree with Mike. You should check if the options Fn+F10 and Fn+F11 are not enabled.
This would enable the little grey signs on some keyboard buttons.

03.06.2006, 21:47

Your right, the num lock key can be switched on or off by using FN & F11, but I was wondering if there is a way to disable the num lock function entirely.

The problem is that on some of the laptops it is activated at switch on and on some it is not. This is causing problems as we are using windows 2000 network and some uses are becoming confused when they try to login and it fails as a result of having characters in their password that are shared with the number keys. They cannot tell that they are typing the wrong letters as they are obscured.

I appreciate that it is easy to switch off the num lock but as a technician it is creating unnecessary work for me with users repeatedly complaining.